Some (in)famous guy is coming to my town

Channeling Garrison Keillor:  it’s been a big year for my little hometown.  First we get a Top 11 American Idol contestant.  Now Bill Clinton is coming to little ol’ West Lafayette, Indiana.  He’ll be at West Lafayette High School on Monday night. 

My question to him is going to be something along these lines:  “Mr. President, Senator Clinton said in February that she was honored to run against Senator Barack Obama.  If she really meant that, I wonder, can you tell me, what kind of campaign she’d be running against someone she actually didn’t respect?  I mean, you played the race card in South Carolina.  You just played the patriotism card on Friday.  And she personally played the Muslim card on 60 Minutes.  So what’s left for her to do except just run as John McCain’s VP?”

Whaddya think?  Snarky yet pointed?  Humorous yet biting?  Think you can do better?  Feel free to supply suggestions until 6:30 p.m. Monday (eastern time–Indiana’s on Eastern time now!). 


8 Responses to Some (in)famous guy is coming to my town

  1. laurabethnielsen says:

    Shorter and to the point, “I swallow; interested?” Somehow, I think Keith and the Pope would be offended.

    I like your question — go for it. Are they going to make you submit them in advance? If so, you will never get to ask it — you could give a fake one, and then substitute this one if they call on you. Short of the VP for McCain comment, I actually think this is a legitimate question. Start with, “I am worried about the future of the democratic party with this extended fight. . . insert your content here.”

    Finally, McCain’s VP choice will be Lieberman. Mark my words.

  2. lbsmom says:

    OK, Vicky, I have an assignment for you. When a Bill Clinton clip was played today on “Meet the Press,” his hair actually looked blue. My tv is perfectly ok, & as LB will tell you, I am a fan of white hair. I’m guessing the blame lies in a technical glitch somewhere, but what a point to ponder. Bill as a little old man with blue hair!

    As to your question—-I would like to ask him where his loyalties lie, with electing a Democratic president in November or with his wife who is driving moderates to McCain.

    Good luck. Keep us posted.

  3. vickywoeste says:

    Didn’t his mother have a wacky thing with grey/blue streaks in her hair? Must run in the family. Latest tracking poll (see that Obama has gone from being 8 points down to Clinton nationally to being up by 3–that’s a TEN POINT TURNAROUND IN ONE WEEK, PEOPLE–so his speech last week apparently really did reach people outside the chattering classes. Folks, I think we have our nominee. I for one am more than happy to have my primary not count at this point in order to have that result become the prevailing narrative. When will the media finally start telling it that way?

  4. laurabethnielsen says:

    The answer, my dear friend, is, “when hell freezes over.” The media will keep this fight going as long as possible and their incentive is to keep it going to the convention. But, they can only play that story as long as it is possible for either to win. To really drive a stake through the heart of this primary, we have to start leaning on the superdelgates who are undeclared.

  5. laurabethnielsen says:

    So what happened!?!?!?! And also — here you go — I guess hell froze over:

  6. vickywoeste says:

    Ok, ok, LB, I’ve been trying to send you a photo from my phone (dammit, Verizon) all morning!

    It was actually not the rock-star experience, at least for me. He came, he was on his game, but he didn’t look well. Frankly, one has to wonder about his health. He seemed to love the crowd–he went and shook hands in the other gym after his speech, which was more than nice–and he gives a good show, no question. He started with the current HGP (Hillary Game Plan) to gin up the crowd: win Penn., then win Ky, WVa., Ind., and then that’s the popular vote, and then she’s the nominee! See? Easy as pie! Except, really, not likely, in fact, damn near impossible. But who was going to argue? No one got to ask questions, like, who was to blame for the fact that we didn’t get health care reform in 1993? So no opportunity to determine whether the Clintons care more about the country’s interests than their own ambitions (oh, well, we know the answer to that one).

    He got to WL 90 minutes late, again no surprise there, but my 9-year-old was past endurance when 9:45 rolled around and BC kept rolling. I think he ended shortly before 10. About 4000 people lined the neighborhood around the high school to see him; 1,800 got into the main venue, 1,500 were shuttled into another room with only an audio feed, and the rest were turned away. Apparently the campaign wanted “a small rally feel.” But Clinton said right off he was going to go to the other room to shake hands after his speech; that was a nice gesture.

    Do not be fooled: lots of those folks were Democrats, but lots of them weren’t. We were in line in front of a couple of nutcase Ron Paul suppoters, convinced that Obama is tied to “many” corrupt fundraisers, none of whom they could name besides Rezko, and there were at least a few other Obama supporters besides us. We all stayed below radar, or at least most of us did. One woman wearing a homemade Obama button and carrying an Obama sign got assaulted by some crazy old lady who tore her sign from her hand. The crowd, sad to say, laughed and applauded. No free speech rights at a Hillary rally . . .

    Obama’s campaign announced yesterday that it will open offices in half a dozen Indiana cities aside from Indianapolis, including Lafayette. They are not conceding here. There’s a lot of time before Pennsyvania for the rest of the MSM to pick up on the new metanarrative David Brooks is finally beginning to sing.

  7. jeremy says:

    Amanda Overmyer rocked for that one octave she where she could hit notes consistently.

  8. vickywoeste says:

    Honestly, I was amazed that she stuck around that long, with that scratchy voice . . . but there you go.

    250 people crammed into the opening of Obama’s LAFAYETTE office on Saturday!!!

    I registered 3 people to vote in West Lafayette–and I still have half my canvassing area to cover. Hillary’s people say that if she loses here, she may actually quit. (In the Times on Saturday.) Can you say, we matter?

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