Movie Stars! HELIX!!!

Non-law post . . .

My kids are extras in a movie being filmed in Chicago next week.  Remember Spykids?


well, the girl (now woman) star of those movies is Alexa Vega and my kids are extras in a movie in which she stars.  Here they are on the set (Alexa has not been violently attacked in real life — that is make up)


Eric will be orchestrating/writing the score.  The movie is to be filmed in one take.  Here is some press. 

Rehersals today, filming over the next week.  they are having a great time and learning lots.  They will be skating in the movie.  Now we are gonna have to find them an agent. . . and then a good rehab facility?. . . . hahahaha 


3 Responses to Movie Stars! HELIX!!!

  1. vickywoeste says:

    Response from the Woeste girls: “Oh wow! Is that really Alexa? Is she really in Chicago? Are Zach and Sky really in the movie? What are they doing? Did they get to meet her? [Seeing picture] When will the movie come out? Can we go see it?” (Margaret) “She’s awesome! I liked her in Spykids 2! I also liked her in Sleepover.” (Helen) Please obtain autographs at some suitably inobtrusive moment. Many thanks from the Indiana chapter of the Alexa Vega fan club.

  2. hegemonsadun says:

    Very cool. I’ve jealous. How’d this come about in the first place? I don’t see you as one of those mothers who is constantly shopping her kids around to get them a gig. I live in LA and have known quite of few of those moms.

    I take it this is instead something they stumbled into?

  3. laurabethnielsen says:

    yes hedgie — coincidence — we know the producer and he likes eric’s music. I am actually reluctant because of the hours — should be fun though. A learning experience.

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