Just Genius

I just want to make clear that this speech is amazing and make it available here.

And, wow – an intelligent, grown-up conversation about race. Shocking. As you know, I think covert racial messages have been at play all along. I hope this ends the stupid conversation about race and begins a fruitful conversation about race and social justice. SOCIAL JUSTICE people.


3 Responses to Just Genius

  1. lbsmom says:

    This article from today’s SF Chronicle lauds Obama’s courage in writing and delivering the speech. It mentions J. Alfred Smith, an African American minister of Allen Temple Baptist Church in Oakland, California, and our church actually shares many mission projects with Allen Temple. It’s really a treat when our congregations worship together in either church, because we listen and respect each other.


  2. laurabethnielsen says:

    I was on the phone today with an african -american sociologist who shall remain nameless because I did not ask him if I could blog about this. He said he is on 2 list serves. One is mostly educated whites talking politics and one is mostly educated african-americans talking politics. He says the african-american listserve is characterizing this as a sell out and the whites think it is great. Maybe it is the part about acknowledging “white rage”? Anyway — that divide is troubling in and of itself. although I think it is unlikely, I hopw his sample is messed up.

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