I’m Mad and I Can Type

First, let me just say, I stole that line from Belle.  (I SWEAR that I did not know her front page cites my book when I planned this post!!)

So Kristen (Elliot Spitzer’s prostitute) seen here whose real name is ashley: 


was in a “Girls Gone Wild” video some time ago.  You know, the videos where young women bare their breasts for a trucker hat?  The phenomenon has amazed me for years.  Lots of drunk girls bumping and grinding and flashing their breasts.  How, how, how can this be legal?  They are making contracts (they have to sign something) when they are inebriated, right?  And often, underage. 

Did I mention underage?  Yes, she was 17 when she appeared on GGW.  Turns out, in Florida, a 17 year old can legally agree to be photographed naked as long as there is no sexual contact or money exchanged.  And of course, what the gals get is a trucker hat, not money.  WHAT THE F*&%K!?!?!?!

A good book about this:



Female Chauvanist Pigs:  Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture. 

What is going on?  Am I just old?  Or have women just completely forgotten that we deserve to be taken seriously? 


5 Responses to I’m Mad and I Can Type

  1. belle lettre says:

    I need to get a copy of that book! I have it excerpted in a reader!

    You are not “just old.” I am not that much older than most of these girls (true, I have been out of college for six years, but…) and think that this brand of post-feminism is appalling. I have no idea where this culture has come from. It certainly doesn’t help me when I’m trying to make arguments against the straw-man idea of “gray-rape,” or argue that sexual harassment is real and that power/consent are unavoidable, real problems in faculty-student relationships. None of these topics seemingly have anything to do with the other, and I’m still going to make such arguments, but boy, my work is cut out for me when there is such foolishness by my own kind. As if we (esp. young) feminists should not be taken seriously just because there are those of our gender who act very foolishly. Just goes to show, though, feminism is a continuum, gender is socially constructed and historically contingent, and every generation bemoans the one that comes after it.

  2. lankdangle says:

    It’s not hard to find where this is coming from, turn on MTV. Naked and available = money and attention. Here’s some words from a current favorite song of mine, I’m Designer from Queens of the Stone Age. They’re dead on I think.

    My generations for sale
    beats a stady job
    how much have you got?
    my generation don’t trust no one
    it’s hard to blame
    not even ourselves
    the thing that’s real for us
    is fortune and fame
    all the rest seems like work
    it’s just like diamonds
    in shit

  3. laurabethnielsen says:

    Ok seriously — why would I wacth mtv? blech. Except Rob and Big of course.

  4. lankdangle says:

    Ok seriously, why would ANYONE want to watch MTV? Because, as an adult it’s easy to see it for what it is. Rediculos. When you’re 13 it represents the world beyond you own boring life and the possibilities of what’s out there for you when you finally break free of your parents oppression. Without someone in a 13 year old’s life to help them see that stuff for what it truely is, you get your attention as a drunken boob flashing girl gone wild. And then the regret and shame sets in.

    I think as parents these days, we have to rage against the constant barrage of false messages and super size choices our childer are given every time they turn around. It’s our job to teach them how to do it. The 5 year old girl Laura Beth and I met in Spain who spit on the ground and cursed Bush with hatred in her eyes didn’t get those feelings when they fell from the sky and hit her in the head. What kind of conversations do you think are going on in her house? She sure as shit hasn’t been watching MTV.

  5. lbsmom says:

    I remember when MTV was new, & commercials showed teens shouting, “I WANT MY MTV!” That was in the 1980’s I think.

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