Debt Relief at Harvard Law

If your third year of tuition at Harvard Law School could be forgiven, would you agree to practice public service law for the five years immediately following graduation? Elena Kagan, dean of that law school, announced such a program today. If you intended to go that route all along, then lucky you! Will this cause others not so inclined to sign up anyway? Currently, that year of tuition costs about $40,000. How much will a new associate earn in private practice at a respected firm? It would be interesting to see how many graduates take the offer.

One Response to Debt Relief at Harvard Law

  1. laurabethnielsen says:

    Many law schools have programs like this including Boalt Hall (go Bears!). Also, please note that I will continue to call it Boalt despite the ridiculous name-change. Georgetown has a famous one. The devil is in the deatials, however. I went from Boalt to working for a non-profit at a pretty modest salary. In 1999 it was about half of what starting firm lawyers were making. Probably a little less. But that was not low-paid enough for me to qualify. So now, nearly a decade later, I still owe (hold on to your hats, people) $37,000 in student loans. I will be paying for Kid #1’s college before I finish paying off my own (barring a lottery win).

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