Democratic Infighting and the Delegate Debacle


Last month I posted about the possibility of Obama/Clinton ending in Court because of a looming conflict over the Michigan and Florida delegates.  This Thursday, the New York Times political blog, The Caucus, ran a post about the controversy of the FL/MI delegates that received over 1200 comments, almost 10 times as many as I’ve ever seen for another post there.  This is clearly an issue that the American people, particularly Democrats, are interested in seeing resolved quickly and justly.

But will it?  One the one side are FL and MI Governors Crist and Granholm who think that either (1) the delegates from their states should be seated (despite their own admission of breaking party rules) or (2) that there should be a re-do that is not funded by state taxpayers.  On the other side is DNC Chairman Howard Dean who vows that (1) the DNC will not seat the delegates and (2) that the states will have to foot the bill for a re-do.  Party leaders like Nancy Pelosi have stepped in to try and resolve the impasse and avert what could be protracted legal fight over these delegates.

I think this issue has already given the Democrats a black-eye of sorts because it has exposed how deeply divided the party is over Obama and Clinton.  Does anyone think, as many of the NYT commenters have argued, that these delegates should be seated as is?  If the funding issue for a re-do cannot be resolved, does anyone think that it the DNC and the Democratic Party are to blame for voter disenfranchisement (rather than FL and MI themselves)?

4 Responses to Democratic Infighting and the Delegate Debacle

  1. laurabethnielsen says:

    If I understand it correctly, Florida’s got pushed up by a vote of the Republican state legislature over the objection of democrats in the legislature there. Michigan’s democrats were more involved in moving the date too early. Does that make the cases different? And when will we have a national primary? ever?

  2. lbsmom says:

    Watch Meet the Press this morning (3/9) while Daschle (Obama camp) & Rendell (Clinton side) discuss a do over in Michigan & Florida. It feels like I’m watching the Dems ruin the chance for a Democrat to get elected. I just want to tell them like 2 kids fighting in a classroom to STOP IT NOW!

  3. nobamakoolaid says:

    LB, you are absolutely correct on FL. Dems had no choice but to follow the Republican led legislature. But so what? Why does the Democratic Party get to say which states will be relevant in the primaries and which will not? Historically, later means less relevant, so why blame the states for wanting to move up and actually participate in a meaningful way? Howard Dean and his little cronies blew this one. What kind of DNC Chairman decides it is somehow ok to summarily dismiss the votes of two of the most important states in every general election? Absolutely idiodic. I am seriously afraid this could be THE blunder of ’08. We are handed an incumbant President with 30% approval ratings and we pull this?

    As for a national primary, how about this. Divide the country into four geographic regions. Order them randomly from one to four. In the first election (’08 for example), start with region one and hold primaries every two weeks until done. In 2012, do the same thing except start with region two. It would be concise while still allowing for strategy and giving candidates a chance to cross the country efficiently. Obviously, its easier to make appearances in L.A. and Phoenix during the same day than L.A. and Hartford.

  4. nobamakoolaid says:

    And no, the delegates should not be seated as is – neither were fair contests. Yes, Barak was on the ballot in FL, but does anyone truely believe he would not have campaigned there given the chance. Obviously, Barak wasn’t on the ballot in MI, so you can’t even question that. The only way to come out of this is to hold primaries again in both states – no caucuses and no excuses. Howard Dean needs to have his ass out tere raising money to help instead of making more stupid statements.

    And how about Daschle’s idea. He says that most states are seated pretty close to 50/50 after a vote, so we should just seat them that way. I know he is working for Barak, but that is the kind of BULLSHIT that will piss people off and have them running as fast as they can from the Democratic Party. I thought Mr. Daschle disappeared after the debacle in ’92. Wasn’t he the Senate Majority Leader at the time? He needs to stay in exile.

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