Linda Greenhouse takes buyout offer

I don’t know whether any of you follow legal reporters, but one of the biggest names – Linda Greenhouse, the Times’ Supreme Court reporter and a Pulitzer prize winner – has accepted a buyout offer and will be leaving the paper soon. According to the AP story, Greenhouse has worked for the Times for 40 years and has held down the SCOTUS beat for the latter 30. John Paul Stevens was the only sitting justice when she started in 1978 who’s still on the court today.

Though the 61-year-old Greenhouse says she was planning to retire soon anyway, this is yet another indicator of troubled times for journalism. The Times will be offering buyouts to 100 of its newsroom staff in the coming months.


14 Responses to Linda Greenhouse takes buyout offer

  1. foodgirl says:

    do you mean troubled times due to her buyout specifically, or to the number of buyouts they’re planning on?
    For her, specifically, I say congratulations on a job well done, and enjoy retirement. One could almost assume that she’ll stay engaged with the issues through lecturing, teaching, writing – maybe she’ll even start a blog!

  2. laurabethnielsen says:

    Congrats on a career well done! I bet she will pop up many places.

    I love her coverage so much – she and Nina Totenberg on NPR. When I am reading Linda Greenhouse, sometimes I realize I am hearing Nina Totenberg’s voice in my head because I don’t have a voice in my head for Linda Greenhouse, I jsut give her Nina Totenberg’s.

  3. nobamakoolaid says:

    You can be such a dork, LB.

  4. It looks like Jan Crawford Greenburg, ABC news legal correspondent who has a blog:, will be moving up the ranks of the Supreme Court press corps, overshadowed only by the aforementioned Nina Totenberg of NPR.

  5. dspett says:

    Greenhouse is brilliant indeed – I’ll miss her.

    @foodgirl: Both. It’s a sad day when big shots like her are taking buyouts, and when so many people are offered them at one of the world’s best journalism outlets.

  6. robertlnelson says:

    Pop quiz: without googling her wikipedia entry, does Linda Greenhouse have a law degree? The winner receives an Irish beer of their choice at a pub located in Evanston. I know I can rely on the Controlling Authority honor code.

  7. dspett says:

    I’m going to guess NO.

  8. vancleve says:

    I will guess “Yes”….David, want to spilt that free beer? 🙂 I love our odds, if we work as a team.

  9. vancleve says:

    That is SPLIT…Not Spit or Spilt… 🙂

  10. dspett says:

    Haha. Absolutely.

  11. robertlnelson says:

    OK. Deadline is end of business tomorrow–Friday the 29th.

  12. laurabethnielsen says:

    he still owes me $50 –

    The answer is NO, I choose Nevin’s and guiness.

  13. laurabethnielsen says:

    and bring my cash

  14. vickywoeste says:

    Way too late, but I vote no as well. I won’t expect to be paid anytime soon, Bob . . .

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