Angry Much?


Is McCain’s reputation as an angry person warranted?  The children from his first marriage & some of my family members in Phoenix seem to think it is.  Maybe he’s just angry at Nixon for Watergate, being a POW for 5 years, getting tortured, his first wife becoming crippled and overweight while he was away, being accused of inappropriate interactions with a lovely blond lobbyist, etc… I know, it’s Castro!  Today McCain said he hopes Fidel sees Karl Marx soon.

Question: Is judgment affected by seething unresolved anger issues?


3 Responses to Angry Much?

  1. laurabethnielsen says:

    I read that comment too. I mostly felt sorry for him. He’s had some tough circumstances, but what a load of anger to carry around that you wish someone death or ill. What a burden.

  2. laurabethnielsen says:

    So, today at church was the best sermon ever. EVER! At least top three and during it I could only think of this post/question about McCain. It was about the traditional Christian lore that Jesus went to hell after he was crucified and this is our ticket to heaven. We sin, he was perfect, he went to hell for us, we get to go to heaven even though we suck.

    So the idea is that there is not an eternal phsycial hell, but lots of times in our lives when we are in hell. Examples in the sermon included divorce, mental illness, death of a loved one, war — and the idea is that there is a purpose of going through a hell like this but it ends (hell for a spell), we are supposed to learn from it, and the challenge is to understand we are not alone in it.

    So I was thinking about all those hells that Mccain has experienced and how lucky I am not to have those kinds of experiences, though I think I have had my own. And, how my initial reaction upon hearing that comment of Mccain’s was pity for him. Because, if as you say, Mom, he is still holding all that, then he is still in these hells.

    This is way too personal and non-legal for this blog. But it just rang so true to the essence of this post. this likely makes no sense. But there you have it.

  3. lbsmom says:

    I too heard a thought provoking sermon today. Same theme–marching up to Easter & all. When Lazarus died, & everyone cried, including Jesus, that was the lowest moment of the story. Jesus went into the smelly tomb (Laz was 4 days dead), & the minister this morning said no matter what dark, scary, smelly places (cave in Laz’s case), we’re in, we can “know” God is there with us–like a friend, sharing our grief, pain. And God promises never to leave us. A mission team from our church is leaving for Zimbabwe this week to bring medical supplies (a SF Aids doctor goes every 3 mths, & they’re going with him), clothes, food, love, etc. The minister said that’s a dark scary journey too, & 2 of the couples going have children who died at young ages. Almost all the orphans are hiv positive. I guess the message is to keep going & trusting God.

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