Castro Resigned

Castro resigned.  Unless Controlling Authority is your home page (hey, what a great idea), you already know this. 

Here is what frightens me:

President Bush, traveling in Rwanda on a tour of African nations, greeted the news by saying that the resignation should be the beginning a democratic transition in Cuba that should lead to free elections. “The United States will help the people of Cuba realize the blessings of liberty,” he said.

I am not sure how many countries are interested in the U.S. helping them secure these blessings anymore. But if this gets us closer to imported Cuban rum being legal, I say it is good news. Think how much better the Mojitos could be.



5 Responses to Castro Resigned

  1. lbsmom says:

    Maybe I’ll be allowed to visit Cuba from the US soon—or not………..

  2. hegemonsadun says:

    My dad actually knows Castro. I should preface up front that my dad is in no way political and for the most part stayed clear of politics when talking with him.

    My dad and Castro actually ate dinner together every night for a month and over that time became friends. This was like 15 years ago? Anyway, for what it’s worth, my dad says Castro was/is a nice guy.

  3. laurabethnielsen says:

    how? why? under what circumstances? and why do you hide the most interesting parts of your history from me?!?!?!?!

    we have a friend who is part nicaraguan and went from nicaragua to Cuba and lived there for a long time, married a Cuban doctor and brought her back to the uS. In the US, we treated her like less than a vetrinarian and she eventually went back. Sad for our friend who we love. But interesting.

  4. hegemonsadun says:

    “Less than a veterinarian” – ouch.

    Oh umm, my dad was asked by the US Government to go to Cuba after about 50,000 people in Cuba went blind over an 18 month period for unknown reasons. The US officials were afraid it might spread into the US so they asked my dad to lead a team of doctors to figure it out. My dad in total went 3 times? maybe 4? each time for a couple weeks. The first time however he was there for closer to a month. Over that time Castro took personal interest in the topic because a couple of his family members were among the victims (not to mention that 50,000 people is a significant in terms of the population of Cuba) and so my dad ended up reporting to Castro personally each night over dinner. They ended up being friends and spent a couple nights a week smoking cigars, drinking brandy, and just talking about life.

    He told my dad about all sorts of fun stories. Here is a scary story… in a fit of frustration Castro, at one point during the Cuba Missle Crissis, actually orderd the launch of nukes at the United States. Little did Castro know at the time however, the Soviets had backstabed him and only let him think he had launch control. And so in a fit of rage, after realizing he had been two timed, Castro says he kicked his door down! By the way, if it lets you sleep better at night, he says he regrets being so “hot headed in his idealistic youth” and says today he would never do such a thing.

    He also told my dad some really funny assassination plots including my favorite – a bomb shaped like a sea shell. Castro loves to scuba dive (it’s apparently a personal passion of his) and he saw a bright colorful object but couldn’t recognize it, so he had two guards prod it with a pole – only it blew up and killed them both.

    The last time my dad went was maybe 10 years ago? My sister actually got to go with him [it was her Batmizva present] – that time it wasn’t professional as much as just for fun. My dad and Castro haven’t spoken for years but for a while they were pretty cordial. About as close as anyone can be with Castro i suppose…

  5. laurabethnielsen says:

    Interesting. So what was causing the blindness?

    re the vet comment — they would not recognize her medical degree or experience. She could not even work as a nurse.

    Drinking brandy? what about rum? or dulce la leche? and (most importantly) did he do the “Guys and dolls” tour of cuba and pretend to be Sky Masterson singing in the plaza?

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