Exclusive. . . you heard it here. . .

I have recently posted a new paper to SSRN (co-authored with my friends and colleagues, Bob Nelson and Ryon Lnacaster).  It still needs work (and I am happy to get comments, please).  The “exclusive” quality is that (as I have said before) it reveals the demographic characteristics of the title VII cases filed in federal courts which you cannot get unless you draw a random sample of federal court filings — we have recently completed this .  It took about 3 years and tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars . 

There is some refining of models to do (event history models versus what we have here) but the changes will not be significant as to outcomes.  So, before you click, ask yourself, “what is the most common title VII claim – race, sex, national origin, or religion?’  Also, what percentage of cases involve a claim of sexual harassment?  You can guess here or read the paper. 

 Thank you National Science Foundation, American Bar Foundation, Northwestern University, and Center for Advnaced Study.


3 Responses to Exclusive. . . you heard it here. . .

  1. jeremy says:

    How does it work to post things to SSRN? Is it like NBER where there are people who are SSRN members who have rights for putting papers up there?

  2. robertlnelson says:

    I think it is less exclusive than NBER in the sense that if your school subscribes to SSRN, as NU does, you can get a login and submit papers for posting. No SSRN appointment is required, unlike NBER. But you would be special no matter what.

  3. laurabethnielsen says:

    bob has an excellent point about you being special, Jeremy.

    It is even less “exclusive” than bob makes it seem, however. Any old goofball can post a paper – they take it down if it is whack. If your institution hasa page, your facutly might be listed on it and then it would go there. Otherwise, you just have an author’s page.

    Even though it is calles SOCIAL SCIENCE research network, this is one of the new ways that law schools are distinguishing themselves — how many downloads is their faculty getting, how many is each member of the faculty getting. In the law world it is getting used a lot to pass papers around. And, it is kinda cool because you can get some good stuff early, there. The ABF is going to have a page someday soon. Until then, it is just on my author’s page.

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