legally risky barbecue…..


Editor’s note:  To keep things interesting, I am adding pictues to some of these posts.  Someday I hope to figure out how to put a youtube thing in there, but don’t hold your breath.  I picked this picture after google imaging roast pig which resulting in pictures that were really creepy.  On to FG:

 Holding to my promise to blog about food and law, I can’t help but post about the drama that’s been playing out in the suburb of Wheeling. A Filipino man has been ticketed for roasting pigs out-of-doors. Here’s where it gets tricky:

– They didn’t catch him in the act. He was ticketed as creating a potential fire hazard AFTER an article in the Chicago Tribune featured him in a special about lechon, a Filipino cultural/culinary tradition. A judge will decide next week whether he gets a fine.
– Another article claims that the cook has five roasters and has admitted to selling the pigs he roasts. He claimed a misunderstanding, and he was cooking for a friend.
– The roaster comes out only to provide free food for festivities at his church, not as a business venture. He claimed the five roasters were for church events, which could have up to 400 people.
– The ACLU and a local libertarian organization, have jumped on board to support the cook.

This has very much been presented as civil liberties meets health.
What is the difference is between the pig roaster he used and the number of varieties of barbecue that are currently used? – if cooking meat outside is now a crime, there’ll be a big uh-oh once this snow melts….


3 Responses to legally risky barbecue…..

  1. jeremy says:

    On YouTube, to the right of the video itself, is a field called “embed” (unless the person who posted the video turns this feature off). Copy the code in that field to the “Code” tab of your WordPress post. Should be as easy as that.

  2. nobamakoolaid says:

    Based on that picture, I would have to agree with the Wheeling official who said it was a fire hazzard. It looks like he had a pretty good size fire going in the middle of a cluttered garage. What if his carelessness resulted in burning down a neighbor’s home or actually hurting somebody? Though I love him, my redneck brother in Torrington, Wyoming pulled an Enad when he burned down his own home doing something similar – except his involved turkey, peanut oil and a make-shift fryer. This doesn’t look much different.
    I am still unclear as to what Mr. Enad was cited for – certainly Wheeling doesn’t have an actual ban against cooking a pig, do they?

  3. lankdangle says:

    I don’t see the big deal, he’s clearly following the 6 inch border rule of indoor open flame roasting. Besides, you need something to absorb all the smoke when it has no place to go. It is pig smoke after all.

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