9 Responses to YUP

  1. vancleve says:

    I am on my way to vote early and often Chicago Style… 🙂 Seriously, in case you are interested in voting for qualified judges… which all of us are:

    Chicago Council of Lawyers released their judicial evaluation results for the primary.

    If you are like me, and do not have time to research each of the judicial candidates, the Council makes it easy so you don’t have to feel stumped in the voting booth.

    For the evaluation report of the Chicago Council of Lawyers (including ratings, biographies of the judicial candidates, and an evaluation report discussing the reasons for the judicial evaluation results)…. OR for a SAMPLE BALLOT (aka cheat sheet) from the Committee to Elect Qualified Judges…..go to:


    There are also fliers at the ABF by the 4th floor mailboxes.

    It is my understanding that you can take the “cheat sheet” into the booth but don’t quote me on that. I almost got arrested in 1988 for campaigning at a polling place…inadvertently. Luckily, I was only 11 and they went easy on my….but clearly I was a real big nerd.
    Have a great election day. I am giddy!

  2. laurabethnielsen says:

    I have a list of judges from someone I trust **looks at jeffaregularworkinglawyer** and I can email it to you if you need it.

  3. geoff2o0o says:

    In my home state of Massachusetts today there appears to be a very close race for the Republican primary. Lots of independents are supporting Mitt Romney because of his stint as Governor. If Romney wins MA and CA, where’s he’s been putting-in most of his campaigning effort, there may be a closer Republican race than we’re all expecting.

  4. dspett says:

    I’m going right after class… let us out early, LB? 😉

  5. dspett says:

    Oh, and I’ll take the list of endorsed judges if available

  6. vickywoeste says:

    Y’all are lucky you live in a Super-Duper-Shagalicious Tuesday state. Sigh.

  7. laurabethnielsen says:

    you voted for the gitmo topic! Now come and be smart. Dammit.

  8. lbsmom says:

    Hillary Clinton called me only 3 times when I was at home yesterday, but she called my friend in Oakland 15 times. Nothing from Obama. What does that say? Democratic splits abound in California. Of note, the governator & his spouse. Gavin Newsom, SF mayor, is a big Hillary supporter. Oakland’s mayor, Ron Dellums, is getting lots of flack from some constituents for his endorsement of her.

    Oh yes, I voted absentee.

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