the forbidden foie (part 2)

fgg.jpgI’m still recovering from the deliciousness of lawbreaking.  5 courses, “turtle soup” in every one (even dessert).

Last night, about 30 people gathered at Unnamed Restaurant (which had just received its second warning letter from the City) for the first of a monthly foie gras speakeasy, started by a group of chefs and an energetic local wine distributor. There will be secret code words. There will be trading cards. There will be anything that makes transgression more interesting (and apparently more elitist, too).

Interestingly, (but perhaps not surprisingly) the restaurants that have attempted to stand up to the City Council are independently owned Lettuce Entertain You and other corporate-restaurant entities have remained publicly silent on the issue (though I know that a few of those restaurants have it in their kitchens, nonetheless).

I heartily agree with one of the commenters from my last post that there are much more significant problems to consider in Chicago and the country as a whole. That is the reason I, for one, am examining foie gras’s slippery construction as a social and moral problem that deserves our attention.  That, too, is the reason many of these chefs (who support local, organic farms, artisanal production, and Slow Food) are not afraid to demonstrate that they find the issue ludicrous and their status as “food experts” under attack.

2 Responses to the forbidden foie (part 2)

  1. briand0n0van says:

    I have to ask: did its illegal status make it taste better?

  2. laurabethnielsen says:

    well, I have had foie in chicago illegally and it was better than any I have had in Evanston lately, but there are many possible reasons for that. FG can tell oyu about the worst FG EVER which we had at an unnamed restaurant in Evanston (because usually the food is good)

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