Free Bentley . . . if


It’s my blog so I can post the occasional non-legal studies thing.  For example, my aunt, who is said to be my twin (she is pretty hot!) recently hit a hole-in-one at a charity fund raiser on the “win-a-Bentley-convertible” hole.    Interesting factoids:  charities have insurance against such eventualities; she hit another hole in one at a charity event a couple of weeks later; and, for reasons that are confidential, she and her hubby helped my academic career in a very important way at a very important time.  Almost enough so that I am not insanely jealous of this car. . .  but not quite. 


10 Responses to Free Bentley . . . if

  1. lbsmom says:

    Atta girl! Honestly celebrating someone else’s good fortune and honestly admitting to a tad bit of envy…..

  2. jeremy says:

    I don’t think charities would do that kind of event if they couldn’t have insurance. (If they had a donated Bentley, they’d do something where it was given away for sure.) The insurance is likely connected to the # of entrants, and so they can charge a price appropriately higher than the insurance price and be running no risk at all at losing money.

  3. laurabethnielsen says:

    Actually — I mis-thought/spoke/typed. It was the bentley dealer who had such insurance, but you are still right, jeremy. I think I heard from my aunt to my dad to me that this is the 3rd or 4th time in 30 years that he has had to give one away, but I don’t know how many charity events he offers them up to. And, I think it was the most difficult hole of the golf course.

    And, I am still mad at you, jeremy, for that whole scatterplot bother. Bother – oh – bother that was yucky.

  4. jeffaregularworkinglawyer says:

    The problem with winning the Bentley is that the winner incurs taxable income equal to its retail value (I believe the MSRP, even though its real market value is somewhat less, since no one pays MSRP), but the car doesn’t generate any cash with which to pay the additional tax. That’s why for most of these car give-aways, there is an alternative cash prize, which is usually considerably less than the value of the car.

  5. laurabethnielsen says:

    Yeah, that second hole in one really helped out, I am sure. That was a cash prize I think.

  6. geoff2o0o says:

    LB–does this golfing skill run in the family? Somehow I can’t picture you on the golf course.

  7. bentleyson says:

    To fill in a few blanks, the Bentley was the second hole in one this year, which was followed by the third hole in one about five days later (which was actually on a regular course, and there was small prize, but not like the Bentley).

    It was the third car the insurance company has given away in over 30 years of insuring car prizes. The car dealership sponsored the prize, and purchased the insurance. There was NO cash prize as an alternative. I believe the tax was based on the actual sticker price, not the MSRP.

    And lastly, it is REALLY nice to drive.

  8. laurabethnielsen says:

    Hey CUZ!!!

    thanks for the details, but you have raised an empirical claim and here at controlling authority we are all about gathering data to test empirical claims. The claim is: that it is fun to drive. Wanna drive it to LA on Sunday so I can see for myself? I am at the ABA meetings in LA.

  9. laurabethnielsen says:

    Oh, and geoff — I have never golfed in my life. Other than what in our family was known as “goony golf” or “putt-putt” – you may know it as “minature golf’

  10. lbsmom says:

    If the cousins do get together in LA this week, please take a picture, Bentley or not!

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