Supreme Court Oral Arguments Available

Quickly — because I am off to a meeting and maybe you all know this, but my DAD **waving to Dad** just pointed out to me that you can podcast supreme court oral arguments from itunes.  You have to find ItunesU (on the left in the Itunes store then click oyez) and then the cases are organized in all these really cool ways — by area of law, by justice, by term.  Super duper way cool.  Oh yeah — and it is free. 


2 Responses to Supreme Court Oral Arguments Available

  1. briand0n0van says:

    Oyez is a great resource. I use an audio editing program (Magix) to excerpt 4-5 minute sections from oral arguments to play in class. I usually provide a transcript for those sections. They dig it. I think it makes case law more “real” for them.

    great blog dudes!

  2. geoff2o0o says:

    Allying Oyez with iTunes has made Supreme Court audio more readily available for Supreme Court geeks like me. Just as an FYI, you can also download MP3 files directly from the site.

    When working with Jerry Goldman, creator of, to gather evidence for a paper about Supreme Court rhetoric, I learned about a cool “clipping” tool that allows you to chop-up the oral argument and create a unique link to, say, fifteen seconds of important audio from the argument. This proved especially useful for footnoting as readers were able to click and listen to the audio I was discussing in the body of the paper.

    PS–watch Tom Goldstein, a bigtime Supreme Court litigator here in Washington DC and owner of, show-off his oyez-equipped iPhone:

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