Evidently I support midget wrestling

On Monday, alongside my column on the school’s speech codes, the Daily’s editorial board wrote a scathing condemnation of campus fraternity Delta Upsilon for hiring a bunch of midget wrestlers to do whatever it is they do as part of a rush event. Can you say, violation of the hazing rules?

Here’s a notable sentence from the editorial: “And midget wrestling is not something with which this university should be associated.” 

On Tuesday I awoke to see the last paragraph of my column quoted in a letter to the editor from the fraternity, lashing out against the criticism. To them, my argument evidently meant their actions violated no rules.

I think it would have been wiser for them to say: Of course we violated the rules. But you can’t even show the Will Ferrell flick “Old School” without hazing. (See letter #1.)

I don’t mean to say I condone the fraternity’s hiring of midget wrestlers — the objectification of disabled individuals absolutely concerns me, and I would never want to participate in it. But another part of me says this is just college students being college students, using their money to do something politically incorrect and morally questionable. Perhaps that’s something they deserve the right to do.


6 Responses to Evidently I support midget wrestling

  1. laurabethnielsen says:

    Get it right David — this is not just “a bunch” of midget wrestlers. According to the article they are a “hardcore” group of midget wrestlers.

    I wonder what the difference is?

  2. jeffaregularworkinglawyer says:

    My favorite quote from the fraternity’s letter — “Their work is performance art.” Doesn’t your university speech code prohibit this kind of arrogant, obnoxious humbug? If not, maybe you could just throw a brick through their front window.

  3. laurabethnielsen says:

    back to work, Jeff!

  4. vancleve says:

    When I was an NU undergrad, we used to call Delta Upsilon…”Delta Ooops, You Joined the Wrong Fraternity.” Childish? Very but College Kids and Frat culture is very status oriented and sometimes cruel. I am thinking this wrestling stunt is merely compensating for this old stereotype…Immature? Again, Yes! But, at least it explains the possible psychological origins of such a strange stunt. What better way to feel “big” than to hire people much “smaller” to be the entertainment?

    Why hire “little people” and engage in “politically incorrect and morally questionable” when you could….take the more “artistic” option of having DU members dress-up and have a hard core, smack-down with rival houses for the best Rushees?

    How about DU versus Phi Delt? BRING IT ON!

  5. lankdangle says:

    That’s a toipc I’d like to examine closely, the difference between a “bunch” of midgit wrestlers, and a “hardcore” group of midgit wrestlers. Maybe if the bunch could try to be more like a group, then being hardcore would follow naturally.

  6. sunforged says:

    You know midgets need money too, I think they would be more offended to be called “disabled”. They intentionally arrived at an event, performed and were most likely paid in exchange.

    Afterwards they spent their earnings on beer and creatine, posted their midget wrestler ad on craigslist and continued living.

    no harm done

    “the objectification of disabled individuals absolutely concerns me”

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